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Areas of expertise

  • CBRN Focus Areas
  • Explosives and Munitions
  • Monitoring and Environmental Informatics


Xiao conducted his MPhil research on laser physics and devices and his PhD research on laser holography for micro-particle measurements. He undertook postdoctoral research on ultrafast laser mass spectroscopy and laser interaction with matter;

Current activities

Dr Xiao Fang is a Senior Research Fellow and PhD supervisor in applied laser and spectroscopy.

Xiao's main research interests are: 

  • Laser interaction with matter for applications in laser ignition/initiation of energetic materials
  • Applied laser/optical spectroscopy in sensitive detection/analysis of trace substances including CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive).

Xiao's current activities are:

  • Supervision of postgraduate research
  • Research and development in laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) for various applications in environmental monitoring, homeland security, forensic analysis, etc. including sensitive detection of trace heavy/toxic metals in water and soils, rapid detection/analysis of explosive materials and in-situ analysis/identification of firearm discharge residue and other forensic materials
  • Research and development in the applications of molecular optical spectroscopy (including surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy techniques) for ultra-sensitive detection/analysis of bio-tissues and explosive materials
  • Study of laser interaction with energetic materials and research and development in laser ignition applications
  • Research and development in optical tracing of renewable materials.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Ahmad SR, Contini AE, Fang X, Golding P, (2012) Laser ignition of an energetic polyphosphazene and its formulations with 2,2',4,4',6,6'-hexanitrostilbene (HNS).