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Areas of expertise

  • Computing, Simulation & Modelling
  • Soil
  • Soil Resources


I am a computational biologist whose research focuses on mathematical modelling of biological systems, especially focusing on microbiological relevant scales.  Specifically I have experience in modelling growth dynamics of yeast and the dynamics of the activity of soil bacteria at pore scale. My current research focuses on modelling of soil processes at the pore scale with special attention to fungal activity.  I am familiar with a range of modelling techniques including population-based microbial growth models, the lattice-Boltzmann approach, and linear programming but my main background is in Individual-based (aka, agent-based) modelling.

Current activities

My current research is framed into the NERC funded project named "Resilience of below-ground fungal communities: a mechanistic and trait-based approach". We aim mainly to identify which are the key soil properties and fungal traits make soil more or less resilient to changes, and  which management options can be beneficial to make soil more resilient to physical changes. To tackle the stated aims I am using and continuing the development of a 3D trait-based agent-based model of the fungal activity in the soil pore matrix. In our approach, 3D computed tomography images are used to understand and to take into account the influence of the soil structure on the fungal and soil resilience to perturbations.  


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