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Areas of expertise

  • Autonomous Systems
  • Operational Analysis and Simulation


Dr Venkat V S S Sastry joined Cranfield University as a post-doctoral research Fellow (1989 – 2003) where he taught extensively on postgraduate programmes involving topics from scientific computation, intelligent systems and programming languages (Fortran, C, MATLAB). During this period Venkat worked (1989 – 2003) on Knowledge Assisted Tool for Library Environment (KASTLE) as part of research team at Numerical Algorithms Ltd where he developed his interests in knowledge-based systems, scientific visualization and graphical user interfaces.

Dr Sastry worked on ASTRAEA 1 (collision detection, avoidance and resolution) and testing of these algorithms as part of a team and is the principal investigator on an ASTRAEA 2 project focusing on "Sense and Avoid" (BAESYSTEMS).  Based on this work we were awarded “Winner of The Engineer, Technology + innovation awards 2008” for the best collaborative research team, BAE Systems, Cranfield and Lancaster Universities for work on conflict avoidance and resolution algorithms for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Dr Sastry participated in a large international research effort as principal investigator on "What to do Learners within an m-Learning Environment Need?” (ONRG Grant N62909-10-1-7121) and is Co-Chair on Working Group for Testing and Evaluation, Mobile Learning Environments Project. He contributed to Testing and Evaluation of Multichannel Learning System project (2012 – 13).

Dr Sastry is Programme Director for the delivery of prestigious Chevening (India) Cyber Security Fellowship  (2014 - )  and Chevening Western Balkans Cyber Security Fellowship (2019 - ).

Dr Sastry has successfully supervised  four Ph.D. and three MPhil students on topics ranging from scientific computation and application of intelligent systems.

Current activities

Venkat is currently:

  • Programme Director for the delivery of the prestigious Chevening (India) Cyber Security Fellowship (2014 - ) and Chevening Western Balkans Cyber Security Fellowship (2019 - )


  • Office Naval Research Global
  • Numerical Algorithms Group


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers


  • Sastry VVSS & MacLean P (2012) Opportunities for technology-enhanced remedial maths. In: Learning at the crossroads of theory and practice : research on innovative learning practices. Van den Bossche P, Gijselaers WH, Milter RG (ed.), Dordrecht ; New York :: Springer, p. 179-198.
  • Sastry VVSS, Sastry & L (1999) SAMS Teach Yourself Tcl/Tk in 24 Hours. SAMS, ed. first.