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Areas of expertise


MSci Chemistry, University College London, 2008

PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry, University College London, 2012

Higher Research Scientist in Gas and Particle Metrology, National Physical Laboratory, 2012-2016

Research Associate, Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of Cambridge, 2016-2017 

Research Fellow, Cranfield University, 2017-present. 

Current activities

I am a Research Fellow at the Centre for Atmospheric Informatics and Emissions Technology, School of Water, Energy and Environment. 

Gas sensors: development of sensors for trace gas detection (ammonia, isoprene, dimethyl sulfide). 

Atmospheric modelling: studies on the oxidising capacity of the troposphere and investigations on the impacts of sinks of the hydroxyl radical (OH).

Reaction kinetics: investigations on the kinetics of halogen oxide radical reactions affecting atmospheric ozone.


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