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Areas of expertise

  • Gas Turbines & Propulsion
  • Power Systems & Turbines


Dr. Igie is a Lecturer in the Propulsion Engineering Centre, School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing [SATM]. He is the module leader of Gas Turbine Operations and Rotating Machines [GTORM] in the Thermal Power MSc course.

Dr. Igie obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Gas Turbine Engineering from Cranfield University in 2012. Prior to that, he obtained a Master's Degree (MSc Dynamics and Control) and Bachelor's Degree (BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering) from Bath University and Brunel University, UK, respectively.

Current activities

Dr Igie’s research focuses on optimising Gas Turbine or Jet Engine Performance during operation for energy and aerospace applications. His research has covers actual engine operations involving analytical approaches, experimental testing and numerical methods (CFD) in areas of overall engine performance/health and turbomachinery aerodynamics.
Dr Igie has supervised several individual research projects - MSc & PhD. His research interests include the following:

Energy - Power Generation
  • Gas Turbine Flexibility
  • Gas Turbine Health Evaluation using Machine Generated Data
  • Compressor Fouling (Degradation) Effects on Engine Performance
  • Impact of Off-Line and On-Line Compressor Washing on Engine Performance
  • Impact and Selection of Inlet Filtration Systems

Aerospace Propulsion

  • Jet Engine Water Injection for Emission Reductions
  • Compressor Fouling Effects on Jet Engine Performance


Research Sponsors/Partners/Collaborators:
  • BP, Azerbaijan
  • Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, Thailand
  • Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, UK
  • R-MC Power Recovery Ltd, UK
  • Rolls Royce, UK
  • Tableau Software, UK


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