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Areas of expertise

  • Environmental Defence
  • Explosives and Munitions


Dr Tracey Temple began her career in the RAF and then went on to study as a mature student where she graduated from Queen's University, Belfast (2002) with an Honours degree in Geography and later (2004) an MSc in Rural Development and Project Management.  In 2017 Tracey completed her PhD at Cranfield University in the fate and transport of explosives in the environment.

Research opportunities

Dr Temple welcomes post graduate students interested in fate and transport of explosives, managing the environmental impact of explosives and risk assessment.

Current activities

Tracey is an expert in cross-disciplinary research and an experienced lecturer in environmental science, her specific research area focusses on the following:

Investigation and prediction of the fate and transport mechanisms of new generation energetic materials (IMX, PBX) in soil and water environments to inform environmental impact and risk assessment throughout the lifecycle;

Research into sustainable methods for the disposal of energetic materials including treatment of wastewater contaminated with new generation energetic materials from manufacturing facilities and efficient burning methods for thermally stable energetic materials (TATB, PBX, IMX); 

Design and implementation of methods to efficiently monitor hazardous chemical emissions from the open burning of energetic material and explosive contaminated waste at manufacturing facilities and training ranges;

Representative sampling and analysis methods for site characterization of defence related contamination e.g. energetic materials, per-fluorinated alkyl substances, heavy metals, polymers, post detonation and combustion residues;

Development of tools and techniques to improve communication between scientific experts and decision makers for the lifecycle of energetic materials, sustainable procurement, and environmental management.

Tracey has many international connections and works regularly on research projects with environmental scientists from the US, Brazil, the Netherlands and Canada.  She is a panel member of various research groups within NATO regarding the environmental impact of explosives in military training environments. 


Tracey is the Course Director for the Explosives Ordnance and Engineering MSc, Deputy of the Centre for Defence Chemistry and the Head of the Environmental Science Group and research.  She teaches on several MSc modules associated with the explosives in the environment and risk management.



  • Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S),
  • Directorate of Safety and Claims (DS&C),
  • QinetiQ,
  • BAE Systems,
  • Defence Intelligent Staff (DIS)
  • Defence Ordnance Safety Group (DOSG)
  • Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE)
  • RWMI
  • DNV


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

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