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Areas of expertise

  • Explosives and Munitions


Before joining Cranfield University, Tracey was a consultant responsible for providing environmental consultancy primarily with the UK Defence team of the company. Her key role was to advise on the implementation of sustainable development and the sustainability appraisal process.

She also worked for the UK MOD, Defence Estates at Episkopi, Cyprus as an Environmental Protection Officer.

  • Implementation of Sustainability Appraisals, environmental awareness training packages, and the focal point for all environmental issues on the estate.
  • Driving force behind a Green Waste recycling project, key targets included raising environmental awareness, diverting waste from local landfill and returning economic benefits to the community.
  • Involved with the development of the Defence Estates (DE) component of the Environmental Management Plan for the Akrotiri Peninsula.

Tracey also spent 10 years with the Royal Air Force 

  • Responsible for transporting personnel and dangerous cargo to and from various destinations, which included UK and overseas.
  • Senior aircraft refuelling driver in British Forces Germany.
  • Underwent various postings in the UK and overseas.
  • Gained team building skills and the ability to adjust to different environments.

Tracey graduated from Queen's University, Belfast (2002) with an Honours degree in Geography and later (2004) an MSc in Rural Development and Project Management.

Current activities

Tracey's main research interests are associated with the environmental impacts of Polymer Bonded Explosives, specifically the degradation and fate and transport of these compositions in environmental conditions, such as air, soil and water. Various research projects have been undertaken regarding the collection of explosive residues to determine acceptable threshold limits potentially reaching groundwater levels. The main reason for this research was prompted by military training areas experiencing closures due to contamination hotspots and the anticipation of environmental legislation.

Other areas of research are associated with environmental impacts integrating with global security and the effects that this has on individuals' communities and nations at a local regional and global scale. This research will contribute to environmental viability for life support, developing solutions for preventing or repairing military damage to the environment and responding to environmentally caused conflicts and protecting the environment due to its inherent moral value.

Tracey is the Course Director for the Explosives Ordnance and Engineering (EOE) MSc, a role which includes managing and coordinating the course programme, strategic planning, ensuring the correct alignment of the course Intended learning Outcomes and liaising with a multi disciplined academic team to ensure efficient programme delivery.

Tracey teaches and delivers lectures for the EOE MSc regarding environmental issues and supervises environmental science related thesis projects. Tracey is course manager for a suite of environmental courses specifically developed for the UK MoD, Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S):

  • Environmental Awareness and Compliance in Defence
  • Project Oriented Environmental Management Systems (POEMS)
  • Sustainable Development in Defence Acquisition .

Tracey is manager of the Introduction to Environmental Forensics module, which is part of the Cranfield University Forensic Programme. This course demonstrates how analytical sciences can be used in the detection and investigation of crimes against the environment and identifies potential pollutant linkages by using environmental forensic techniques.


  • Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S),
  • Directorate of Safety and Claims (DS&C),
  • QinetiQ,
  • BAE Systems,
  • Defence Intelligent Staff (DIS)
  • Defence Ordnance Safety Group (DOSG)


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