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Areas of expertise

  • Defence Systems Engineering


Dr Ferris is from Adelaide, Australia. He holds:

B.E.Hons from University of Adelaide in electrical and electronic engineering.

B.Th. from Flinders University.

B.Litt.Hons. from Deakin University.

Grad.Cert.Ed. in higher Education from Queensland University of Technology.

PhD from University of South Australia.

Prior to joining Cranfield University in 2015 he worked at University of South Australia in systems engineering and earlier in electronic engineering as a lecturer. Prior to his academic career he worked as an engineer in power line design with Electricity Trust of South Australia, and bore water equipment development with Morrison Court Pty Ltd.

Current activities

Dr Ferris:

1. Manages the University aspects of the Systems Engineering Masters -level Apprenticeship Program (SEMAP).

2. Teaches in several modules of the MSc in Systems Engineering and leads the introductory module 'Systems Approach to Engineering'.

3. Contributes to various other teaching activities.

4. Supervises Masters thesis and PhD students.

5. Conducts other research in systems engineering and its application.


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