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Dr Thiru Thirulogasingam specialises in vehicle-terrain dynamics, biomechanics and human responses to shock & vibration. He joined Cranfield in 2017 as a Research Fellow in Weapon and Vehicle Systems, progressing to Lecturer in Vehicle Terrain Dynamics in 2020. He plays a key role within Vehicle and Mechatronics Research Group at the Centre for Defence Engineering (CDE) contributing extensively to both teaching and scholarship for education in the areas of vehicle terrain dynamics and human responses to shock & vibration and takes initiative in off-road autonomous vehicle mobility investigation of future land platforms. Dr Thirulogasingam obtained his doctorate degree in human responses to whole-body vibration in 2016 at the School of Engineering, University of Portsmouth, UK. 

Current activities

Dr Thirulogasingam is the Course Director for Vehicle and Weapon Engineering program – delivered by Cranfield University in Detroit, MI, USA. He is also responsible for managing/teaching various MSc modules such as Modelling, Simulation & Control, Military Vehicle Dynamics, Military Vehicle Propulsion, Fighting Vehicle Design, Element Design and Battle Space Technology Courses.

In addition to his teaching activities, he also involves with various consultancy activities within the Vehicle and Mechatronics Research Group. His main scholarly interest has been, through understanding human responses to shock and vibration during different modes of transport on land, in the air and at sea. This work focuses on different signal processing techniques to analyse the dynamic behaviour of the low-frequency non-linear dynamic systems (i.e. soft tissue at the human excitation interface). His recent interest involves investigation into the scalability of off-road vehicle mobility performance parameters such as drawbar pull and tractive effort. Most recently he is working on machine learning algorithms to extract features of oncoming off-road terrain data for evaluating the optimum mobility path for off-road autonomous vehicles.