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  • Defence Systems Engineering


Dr Barker holds a BSc (Hons) in Computer Studies, and a Ph.D in Effective Manufacturing Engineering. He currently focuses on Education and Scholarship activities, and has a track record in developing and managing courses and exploring how to structure teaching practice such that it maximises the learning experience for students. Previously, Dr Barker had several years experience working within the aerospace sector, primarily with BAE SYSTEMS, to analyse and improve management and manufacturing systems and engineering processes. Dr Barker also has experience of working with organisations in non-defence sectors, including Xerox, Panasonic, Rolls-Royce, Caterpillar, RM, and various small manufacturing enterprises. Dr Barker has expertise and experience in the fields of Engineering design and its management, Through-life capability development, requirements definition and management, Sustainable business approaches to environmental change, the development and application of process improvement criteria, and the analysis of constraints upon business processes. Dr Barker has worked as consultant in these areas on a number of occasions, and utilises that experience to improve teaching practice across a number of courses and modules.

Current activities

Dr Barker is a Senior Lecturer in Systems Engineering having joined Cranfield in October 2007. Dr Barker was initially responsible for co-ordination of research activities in through life systems management as part of a major joint research programme partly sponsored by BAE SYSTEMS, before taking up the position of lecturer. At Shrivenham, Dr Barker is a contributor to a number of courses, and is the Course Director for the Systems Engineering for Defence Capability, Defence Acquisition Management, and Systems Engineering MSc courses. Additionally, Dr Barker manages a number of modules across these, and other, courses.

Dr Barker has been Short Course Director within the Centre for Systems Engineering, and has had responsibility for leading Systems Engineering, Defence Acquisition, and Engineering Skills Development short courses.


  • Ministry of Defence
  • Defence Equipment and Support (MOD)
  • BAE Systems PLC
  • Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
  • QinetiQ Group PLC


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