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Areas of expertise

  • Welding and Laser Processing


Dr Sonia Martins Meco has a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Instituto Supreior Técnico, Portugal.

Research opportunities

  • Joining of dissimilar metals
  • Laser processing (welding, cutting, marking)
  • Additive Manufacturing - Wire plus Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) and Laser plus Arc Additive Manufacturing (LWAM)

Current activities

Sonia works as a senior research fellow in laser processing and is the project manager of "NEw Wire Additive Manufacturing" (NEWAM) research programme.  Its primary goal is the development of the next generation of Additive Manufacturing. New processes and materials will be developed within the scope of the programme for the manufacturing of large scale components with the following characteristics:

  • Reduced lead time and cost due to high deposition rates used and net shape components.
  • defect-free
  • mechanical strength equal or superior to the wrought material.


BAE Systems, SPI Lasers, Crown Packaging


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