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Dr Goel studied his undergraduate in India Doctorate (PhD) degree in the UK and has industrial experience of working in India’s largest Construction Conglomerate Larsen and Toubro Limited for three years. Dr Goel has completed Chartered Engineering from IMechE and is a research affiliate of the biggest Manufacturing Society, CIRP and EUSPEN. Before moving to Cranfield as a Lecturer, Dr Goel, worked at Queen’s University Belfast. 

Dr Goel is Course Director and coordinator of the only Centre in the UK on Doctoral Training (CDT) in Ultra-Precision Engineering together with the “University of Cambridge” funded by UK’s apex funding council “EPSRC” ( Dr Goel has delivered a short crash course on the topic “Ultra-precision engineering” at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, under the initiative of “GIAN” funded by Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India.

Dr Goel’s experience both in simulations and in applied research supported by respectable track record (~1000 citations with an h-index of ~25) on i) leading original and independent research both in fundamental and applied sciences, ii) setting and driving large multidisciplinary and collaborative projects, and iii) engaging and promoting transfer of technology to industry; demonstrate that he is exceptionally well placed to realise his research vision of using engineering education for generation of wealth. Dr Goel is passionate to work on National Supercomputers of the UK like ARCHER (earlier called HECTOR) and JADE. 

Beside research, Dr Goel loves teaching and for this reason earned Best Supervisor award at Cranfield in 2018 and was nominated for the best lecturer at QUB Belfast in the very first years of his teaching career. On an average each of his student supervised also earns “Best student of the year”- Example include Mr Fabian, Mr Ali and Ms Junguo”. He works closely with students from “China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Japan, Poland, Germany, France, UK, Kuwait, Sweden, Denmark, Spain etc”. Any student wanting an exciting student learning experience to work towards a Postgraduate degree is welcome to contact.

Current activities

He specialises in machining and characterising of various materials including steel, silicon, glass, silicon carbide, tungsten etc and material characterisation and nanomaterials in the area of biomedical, solar and technology in space. His research promotes a multidisciplinary approach (modelling, testing, characterisation and fabrication) to engineer and untangle multiscale processes (time, energy and space) in materials of various sort. His research is at the influent of several thrust areas ranging from contact mechanics, manufacturing, materials science, nanotechnology and multiscale modelling, enable key advances in the area of ultra-precision manufacturing and material testing. From a background in mechanical engineering. he intimately bridge experiment with a strong emphasis on functional properties, to theory. It is evident from Dr. Goel’s involvement as a Co-I on two high value EPSRC grants (EP/K503241/1 and EP/L016567/1) cumulating to a gross value in excess of £5M. In addition to this, Dr Goel represents the UK and is a Working Group Leader (WP2) in the COST Action CA15102 (funded by H2020) of worth £120k dealing with critical raw materials subjected to extreme conditions ( which has allowed Dr Goel to communicate and discussed his research findings with colleagues in EU.


Recently he has initiated a project with an Orthopaedic Doctor at Milton Keynes hospital to address a global challenge on infection of medical implants. He has researched and published over 50 Journals paper attracting over 1000 citations and serves on the Editorial board of the top notch manufacturing Journal "Int J of Mach. Tools and Manufacture".


Having experienced at first hand during his work at QUB and at Cranfield, the context, barriers and enablers for exploitation of research and technology, the applicant is ideally placed to put into practice lessons learnt especially for bridging the gulf that sometimes exists between university based research and (wealth creating) user requirements. 


1. National Physical Laboratory (

2. Science and Technologies Facilities Council (

3. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (

4. Milton Keynes University Hospital (

5. Sophion BioScience, Denmark

6. Cost Action (Horizon 2020)

7. Kennametal, Germany

8. Bruker

9. Adama Innovations, Ireland

10. Micromaterials, UK




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