Areas of expertise

  • Manufacturing of Functional Materials
  • Nanomaterials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Precision Engineering
  • Smart Materials
  • Surface Engineering
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Welding and Laser Processing


I have dual affiliations. My primary position is at London South Bank University where I am working as a Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Division and my secondary position is at the Surface and Precision Centre of Cranfield University where I am supporting my PhD students. My current research lies on the footings of Material Oriented manufacturing and I inform my research using Multi-scale modelling techniques involving the use of finite element as well as atomic simulations. 

To date, my research is supported by the funding I've acquired through industries and funding bodies such as the EPSRC, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society, British Counsil to name a few.

I began my academic journey with a rich Industrial experience of 3 years as a Senior Engineer in India's largest construction Conglomerate, Larsen and Toubro Limited following completion of my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from NERIST, India in 2007. I obtained a PhD from Heriot-Watt University, Scotland in the year 2013. I became a Full Professor by 2022. 

During my career, I earned the nomination for best teaching at Queen's Belfast and an award of best supervision at Cranfield.  At LSBU, I am leading a research group of 10 people with 4 Post Docs having equal gender balance.

I've worked closely with students from “China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Japan, Poland, Germany, France, UK, Kuwait, Sweden, Denmark, Spain etc”. To conclude, I would welcome any student who is motivated to join the exciting opportunity of doing amazing research in the field of Ultra-Precision Engineering.

Research opportunities

I've several PhD studentships in my research group in subjects related to machining, simulations, tribology, measurements and materials. Please contact me to find out which one suits you the most.

Current activities

I am Associate Director of the EPSRC's NetworkPlus in "Digitalised Surface Manufacturing" ( which is a collaborative network originating from the University of Manchester and now spreading to almost every continent. I am also the Co-Director of the EPSRC's Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision Engineering (EP/K503241/1 and EP/L016567/1) where I support the University of Cambridge following staff changes in 2017. Recently, I’ve used my skills to develop newer projects while using my experimental Precision Engineering knowledge to combat the current challenges associated with Detector materials to improve the performance of PET imaging systems (EP/S013652/1) that will benefit mankind. Additionally, I am working on modelling the mesoscale boundaries to model coastal erosion (EP/T001100/1) and to develop next-generation of self-sensing coatings (EP/T024607/1). 

I specialises in Precision processing of “difficult to cut materials”, free form shapes, coating deposition techniques such as the Diamond like carbon films, surface metrology, and material characterisation and in creating “digital twins” of these processes. I’ve been working on developing hybrid and sequential techniques to machine challenging materials like steel, silicon, glass, silicon carbide, tungsten etc with the highest possible precision attainable by bulk techniques. Recently, we are working on Responsive Roll to Roll Manufacturing systems and the next-generation bio3dprinting systems as well.

I was also an active part of the EU Cost Action CA18125 where we developed Critical raw materials subjected to extreme conditions (

I am currently leading the lab on "Nature-inspired Precision Responsive Manufacturing Group" at LSBU from where we are working closely with a team of Doctors to develop antibacterial, virucidal surfaces using a wide range of techniques while suitably instrumenting the processes to record in-process data for monitoring and diagnosis of the manufacturing operations. To date. I have published 70+ Journal articles with h-index> 25 and cumulative citations > 2000. I am the Associate Editor of the Journal "Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems".

Media mentions:


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