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Dr Ehsan (Sam) Simaei is a Research Fellow in Assembly and Automation Technologies for Aerospace, with extensive expertise in robotics, AI, and mechatronics. Holding a PhD in Intelligent Automation & Sustainable Engineering, a postgraduate diploma in Space Science & Technology, and an MEng in Mechanical Engineering, Dr Simaei has a robust academic foundation and a strong commitment to advancing cutting-edge research.

Currently, Dr Simaei is seconded to Airbus, where he is working on advancing pioneering methods for aircraft redesign and assembly. This role involves applying his expertise to enhance the efficiency and innovation in aerospace manufacturing processes.

His career is marked by significant contributions to the development of autonomous systems, particularly through the integration of embedded systems and conducting research for industrial and research applications. At the University of Liverpool, he collaborated with leading pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and GSK, driving innovations in autonomous process chemistry and producing high-impact research.

At the Surrey Space Centre, Dr Simaei led key projects in space robotics, including Active Debris Removal (ADR), where he enhanced robotic capabilities and developed advanced tactile sensing techniques for wider applications. His collaborations with both public and private sector partners underscore his capacity to lead complex, interdisciplinary projects that extend the frontiers of technology.

Research opportunities

Dr Ehsan (Sam) Simaei’s research interests are focused on advancing aerospace technologies, particularly in the development, manufacturing, and maintenance of aircraft wings and components. He aims to create robust automated solutions that enhance these processes, including but not limited to:

- Developing intelligent robotic systems to improve wing development and manufacturing.

- Applying AI and ML to optimise processes and decision-making in aerospace manufacturing.

- Modernising the assembly of aircraft wings to achieve the highest possible standards in efficiency and quality.


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