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Before joining Cranfield, Sam completed a BSc in Mathematics and Physics followed by an MSc by Research at the University of Warwick. Their MSc project involved adapting particle physics technology for use in water quality monitoring.

They completed their PhD in the Centre for Engineering Photonics at Cranfield, working on a tilt sensing system for manufacturing robotics using dual-wavelength laser speckle.

Research opportunities

- Laser speckle correlation

- Tilt sensing

- Mobile robot odometry

Current activities

Sam's current projects focus on laser speckle sensing, as applied to tilt measurement and robot vehicle odometry.

The first project builds on their PhD results, which demonstrated a tilt sensor using dual-wavelength laser speckle correlation to measure the absolute angle of a work surface. The new work aims to improve the laser stability of the practical implementation, and thus the performance of the angle measurements.

They are also working on integrating a speckle based odometry sensor with a mecanum-wheeled robot using ROS. The speckle sensor provides odometry measurements that account for slipping or crawling of the robot, unlike the built-in wheel encoders.


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