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An experienced academic with over 20 years' experience in higher and continuing education and with business, education and training expertise. Experience of line management, business development and major strategic and change programme management. Roger has worked throughout Europe, in East and S.E. Asia, Africa and the Middle East where he developed and led IHRM, executive management, strategy, leadership and change management programmes. He has a strong commercial awareness acquired in various business development and consulting roles, and a record of delivering results and business and service improvement, across a wide range of industries in the public, defence & security, private and voluntary sectors. He has continued to teach mainly at the postgraduate level and supervised and examined at MBA, MSc, MA and PhD levels. Throughout this time he has continued to publish widely and presented at international conferences on management and development related topics.

Managing HRM in the wider international defence and security environment. Inter-agency working and the use of collaborative learning. Knowledge Management in the Defence Sector.

Current activities

Course Director, MSc Defence & Security Management in partnership with the Indonesian Defence University (IDU).

Module Leader - Defence Management & Leadership.

Module Leader - HRM & Change Management.

Module Leader - Managing & Measuring Resources in the Security Sector.

Module Leader - Knowledge Management & HRM.

Module Leader - MDWSC including in: Central & East European Region ( Ukraine, Croatia, Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Kosovo); African States (Nigeria, Malawi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa); South East Asia Region (Indonesia, India, Nepal); Maghreb (Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Malta); Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia); South America (Brazil, Uruguay).



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