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Dr Renaud Jourdain has a unique track record for design, fabrication and characterisation of advanced fabrication processes. Today, based on his scientific expertise, Dr Jourdain aims at expending much further his research activities in the field of energy beam processing. Dr Jourdain benefits from access to unique RAP and LAP processing capital equipment. He intends to increase his research portfolio through both scientific and academic activities. His vision builds from the research funded for the past ten years by EPSRC, which was successfully delivered.

Current activities

Dr Jourdain has developed advanced fabrication techniques using both plasma technology and computer numerical controlled machine tools. His work aims to establish a new figuring technique worldwide. He is currently very active through the Reactive Atom Plasma (RAP) project and is working on:

  • Plasma & Laser systems design
  • Figuring technique (Dwell time technique)
  • Advanced optical fabrication processes
  • Tool path algorithm development
  • FEA teaching.


  • IKC
  • IMRC
  • UPS2


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