I am Lecturer in Cultural Heritage Under Threat at the Cranfield Forensic Institute. My research broadly examines the looting, trafficking, and destruction of cultural heritage with a special emphasis on collaborative counter-trafficking workshops with transnational organisations, customs, border security, and police.

I completed my PhD in Archaeology at the University of Southampton. I was previously based at the British School at Rome for three years, two years as the Assistant Director for Archaeology and Archaeological Science.

Research opportunities

I am a co-investigator on a £2 million AHRC grant, Imagining Future through [Un]Archived Pasts. The project “activates” archives, museums, and archaeological sites for local communities by empowering them to create their own narratives, as well as seeking to embed culture as a human right in international policy. The project engages with complex issues, such as dissensus (as opposed to consensus), repatriation, and how to best protect local cultural memory in the midst of colonialism and globalisation. The project focuses initially on Tanzania, Ghana, Lebanon, and Syria before broadening to other countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Current activities

I am continuing collaborative workshops and training with the OSCE and partner institutions, specifically for training front-line customs and border security agents. 

My archaeological fieldwork projects include the Fournoi Underwater Survey in Greece and the Tiber River Survey in Italy. 


Articles In Journals


  • Campbell PB and Paul KA (2019) Funding conflict through cultural property: the destruction and trafficking of cultural heritage by Islamic State. In: Dealing with Terrorism: Empirical and Normative Challenges of Fighting the Islamic State, Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, p. 117-141.
  • Campbell PB, Smith DM, Royal JG, Begley CT, Zdravković P & Irwin D (2019) Developing maritime archaeology education and outreach in the Balkans: the Illyrian coastal exploration program’s field schools in Albania, Croatia, and Montenegro. In: Bridging the Gap in Maritime Archaeology: Working with Professional and Public Communities, Havertown, PA: Archaeopress Access Archaeology, p. 121-146.