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Areas of expertise

  • Communications Systems


Peter is a lecturer in Communications and Communications Electronic Warfare in the Centre for Electronic Warfare, Information and Cyber (CEWIC) at Cranfield Defence and Security. He is currently on the Education and Scholarship pathway.

Before joining Cranfield University, Peter was a Burnham Lecturer at the Defence School of Communications and Information Systems, Blandford, Dorset (2005 - 2014). He taught communications systems technology on the Foreman of Signals (FofS) / BEng Communications Systems Engineering course. He was also academic course tutor and lecturer on the MSc Communications and Information Systems Management (CISM) course. Prior to that, he was a lecturer and researcher in communications and information technology at Bournemouth University, School of Design, Engineering and Computing (1994 - 2005).

Peter has a PhD from Bournemouth University (2003) in Modelling Infrared Wireless Communications protocols. He gained an MSc in Information Technology from Napier University, Edinburgh (1993) and a BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics from Dublin City University (1991).

Current activities

Peter is module leader and lecturer on communications and signal processing modules on the MSc Military Electronic Systems Engineering (MESE) course and the Battlespace Technology course (BTC). He also supervises student project within the courses. In addition, he lectures on communications technology on a range of other courses.

His academic interests include electronic warfare systems and military communications, UAV communications, mobile communications, cryptographic systems, optical wireless communications, advanced digital encoding and modulation techniques.


Conference Papers