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He got a BSc in Marine Biology, and after some years working on research and sailing as an international observer, he was recruited as COO for a Spanish firm of naval electronics to conduct their commercial operation in Latin America. Simultaneously, he got his MSc in Environmental Auditing and Business Planning, and a Master's in International Commerce, while transitioning to consultancy and academia. In this role, he leads a technical advising team on environmental services for preparing the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas - negotiations in Colombia. Then, leading a research team exploring the internationalization of Hi-Tech SMEs, he created and conducted the Colombia-Japan Hi-Tech SMEs business match program. Also leading the development of a successful postgraduate course of Management for sustainability in Colombia, and consultancy on integrated management systems to SMEs in the oil industry.

In 2007 he got an EPSRC PhD scholarship, obtaining his PhD in 2010. From 2012 - 2022 he was Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University, leading research in the use of complexity in Management, focusing on applying tools for Complexity Management in fields such as Strategy, Security, Sustainability, (social) Innovation, and the study and development of Management Systems tools inspired in Co-evolving and Transition Management principles. His most recent projects in different fields were in the UK, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.

Current activities

Collaboration with the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada in Colombia, aiming to develop capability on the use of systems thinking and organizational cybernetics. Case study: the organizational structure of the Police in Bogota.

Collaboration with the Universidad Panamericana  (Guadalajara - Mexico), aiming to develop research capacity applying systems thinking and Organizational Cybernetics to analyse different Industrial and SMEs sectors in the Guadalajara region (Tourism, Agribusiness)

Collaboration with the Universidad do Para (Brazil) for developing research capacity and the study of governance in agribusiness -and their local impact -  applying systems thinking and organizational cybernetics techniques and methods. 

Collaboration with Universidad Libre (Colombia) to explore the use of systems thinking methods in various fields related to the use of remote sensing, climate change, and land planning (rural and urban development)