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Prior to joining Cranfield University, Paul was Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, responsible for the delivery of academic courses in Chemistry related to petroleum production and exploration, at the Master's and Undergraduate level. Courses taught include: General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Corrosion Engineering, Production Chemicals for Oil and Gas. Additionally he was the Departmental Health and Safety Manager, developed research into corrosion in the oil and Gas industry, and has over 30 peer reviewed papers published, 4 PhD and 20 MSc students supervised.

Paul graduated from Northumbria University, Newcastle (1990) with an Honours degree in Applied Chemistry and later (1996) a PhD in Polymer synthesis: 'Side chain liquid crystal polymers'.

Paul is a Chartered Chemist of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and a member of the Institute of Corrosion

Research opportunities

Main research interests are corrosion, failure analysis and design of engineering controls to mitigate corrosion. synthesis of corrosion inhibitors.

other research interests are in direct methanol fuel cells, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel, and Materials in Extreme Environments

Current activities

Paul's main research interests are associated with the deeper understanding of electrochemical systems such as corrosion and better fuel cell technology. Corrosion remains an extant threat to metallic systems notwithstanding the great advances in protective coatings and corrosion control measures. Corrosion of military equipment is a severe threat, especially given the cost of replacing the equipment and corrosion of munitions casings can lead to unstable and sensitised munitions which can become a very great threat.


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