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  • Manufacturing Systems


Patrick McLaughlin is an operations practitioner with extensive experience of implementation and leadership of operations excellence in manufacturing facilities.

In a career that spans manufacturing engineer, manager and director, he has worked in both multinational and SME businesses. His experiences with a range of manufacturing processes and working for a number of different companies allied to experience in several industries has provided him with a strong background in managing manufacturing operations, including managing growth, downturn, restructuring and relocation of manufacturing facilities.

He has worked at director level in manufacturing operations for over twenty years, and has been responsible for several plant-wide lean manufacturing implementations. He has experience of implementing and managing change programmes to improve manufacturing performance in automotive, capital goods, industrial equipment and consumer durables. This experience includes responsibility for integrating the design and development of new products into a lean operations environment and developing a continuous improvement culture to facilitate performance gains in lean implementations.

Current activities

Current activities include leading the Operations Excellence MSc course, where he is Course Director. 

As Senior Lecturer in Manufacturing Management, he is involved in teaching Manufacturing Strategy Development and Deployment, Innovation Management, Project Management and Operations Excellence. 

Research interests include the application of cellular manufacturing techniques to maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations to drive productivity improvements;  the development and management of innovation capability within a manufacturing environment, employee engagement, creating and sustaining a continuous improvement culture, leadership required to optimise Industry 4.0 beenfits  and sustaining operations excellence.


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