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Areas of expertise

  • Water Science and Engineering


Pascal Finkbeiner has been working as a research fellow at the Cranfield Water Science Institute since March 2019. His current research addresses the fate and removal of microplastics in the drinking water treatment process.

In his PhD studies (2016-2019) at Cranfield University, he investigated the removal of natural organic matter by ion exchange for drinking water production. As part of his research, he was working with Scottish Water at pilot and bench scale treatment using ion exchange in combination with the coagulation process.

Prior to this he graduated in Environmental Chemistry from Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany. His master thesis focused on AOPs for the removal of pharmaceuticals in waste water.

Current activities

Pascal is currently involved in the following research activities:

- Fate and removal of microplastics in the drinking water treatment process (i.e. clarification and filtration)
- Removal of microplastics in tertiary treatment of waste water
- Characterisation of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) by resin fractionation and charge density measurements


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