Contact Dr Osama Ali Shahin Elzoubi


I have completed a BSc in Industrial engineering with a concentration in CAD/CAM system from Misurata University. I moved on to complete MSc in Advanced Manufacturing Technology at the University of Portsmouth, with a three months individual project and thesis on an integrated discrete event simulation methods for sustainable manufacturing systems design. I have moved to Cranfield University to do a PhD in manufacturing 


Research opportunities

PhD research focuses on studying the elastic behaviour of metallic glass thin foil at Cranfield university. I am interested in developing a new application not related to the applications that these foils are usually used for (typically magnetic and brazing) but with their mechanical performance.

Current activities

PhD research, specialising in thin ribbon metallic glasses in how this material shows reversible behaviour under normal loading applied and this behaviour will be exploited for some applications such as flat spring and shock absorbing.


Conference Papers