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Dr Michail Papanikolaou (Dip Eng, MSc, PhD) is a Research Fellow in Energy Resilient Casting Processes. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Patras, GR. He holds a PhD in Computational Physics from the Cranfield University and has worked in various research projects funded by both European and UK councils.

Dr Michail Papanikolaou has authored research papers in international journals and conference proceedings while his expertise lies in numerical modelling and simulation. He has been awarded by the Technical Chamber of Greece and State Scholarship Foundation (IKY).

Current activities

Michail's interests currently include:

Molecular Dynamics modelling of manufacturing processes and micro/nano- flows

CFD Modelling of Casting Processes

Process optimisation

Software development

Multi-Criteria Decision Making

Michail is currently working on the Small is Beautiful-Phase 2 (SiB2) EPSRC project.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers