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Areas of expertise

  • On-Road Vehicle Dynamics


Dr Tirovic graduated in Mechanical Engineering with Automotive Design at Belgrade University, where he started his professional career and also obtained MSc and PhD degrees. During his industrial employment, Dr Tirovic designed a number of high performance brakes. After re-joining academia in 1996, as module leader and course director, he developed new modules, group projects (including Formula Student) and courses.

Dr Tirovic is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, has published on thermal aspects of brakes, and also researched other structural and heat transfer problems. He was awarded the Alfred Rosling Bennett Premium/Charles S Lake 2004 Award, The William Alexander Agnew Meritorious Award/Clarence Noel Goodall 2008 Award and the CIBSE Carter Bronze medal. He has been a member of organising and scientific committees for international conferences, and has lectured widely on brakes.

Current activities

Dr Tirovic's teaching and research activities are predominantly in the areas of vehicle design, modelling and optimisation, at both system and component levels.

Dr Tirovic's research interests relate mainly to the development of novel designs of high performance brakes and braking systems, using new materials, modelling and experimental techniques.

Dr Tirovic currently teaches vehicle performance, concepts and component design.



Williams Formula 1

Meritor HVBS

Faiveley Transport

Jaguar Land Rover.


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