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Dr Mariale Moreno is a Lecturer in Data-Driven Innovation. Since completed her PhD in Sustainable Consumption and Design in 2013, Mariale has specialised in using and refining a mix methods approach to interpret and analyse consumer data from digital and ethnographic sources to enable innovation. During her academic career, Mariale has acquired extensive expertise in implementing qualitative approaches within collaborative research on quantitative data and data analytics. By taking this collaborative approach, Mariale is able to analyse different data streams to identify different user/company patterns, behaviours and preferences relevant to create commercial opportunities and value creation activities within the Circular Economy, the Sharing Economy and/or the Digital Economy; all new forms of economic activities currently considered as trending areas of research.  She has led research activities in collaboration with Royal Mail, DS-Smith, Cisco, The Clearing, Philips, ENSO, Walmart and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to find business opportunities by developing human-centred design interventions. In the past, she collaborated at the CIE-MAP Research Centre, an EUED inter-university research project between industry and academic partners looking at reducing materials and energy demand.  She has also collaborated at the Royal Society of Arts and the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design on topics around behavioural change.
Dr Moreno leads the community of practice in Data-Driven Innovation, which aims to be a pioneer in conducting transformational research and deliver educational programmes that could help organisations to make better decisions through the application of data-driven models that can drive meaningful innovations.

Current activities

Dr Moreno currently research projects with industrial partners including: 
  • Unlocking the Sharing Economy for Royal Mail
  • Knowledge base capital tool for DS Smith Recycling division
  • Networking Value with Armadillo Merino -
  • Engagement of retail customer in circular economy - Walmart    
Mariale has been also involved in the development and delivery of research proposals investigating the role of data to create commercial opportunities and value creation. Grants that Mariale is currently working on include: 

  • The RECODE Network: Consumer Goods, Big Data and Re-Distributed Manufacturing [EP/M017567/1] consisting of five universities and over 15 industry partners, investigating the role of big data in re-distributed manufacturing. See:
  • Circular 4.0: Digital Technologies to Enable a Circular Economy [EPSRC Network Plus Feasibility Study] an investigation into how data, acquired through the latest advances in digital technologies can shape decisions about the design, manufacture and utilisation of consumer products to accelerate the implementation of more circular approaches in manufacturing.
  • Circular Innovation and Transformations for Rural and Urban Sanitation (CITRUS)


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