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I have finished an interuniversity Ph.D. program by the Universities of Granada (UGR), Córdoba (UCO), and Málaga (UMA), Spain, under the direction of Prof. Asunción Baquerizo-Azofra (UGR), and Prof. Miguel ángel Losada-Rodríguez (UGR). My thesis dissertation is titled: Optimal Design of Wave Energy Converter and Integrated Management at Different Timescales, which was awarded with Cum Laude mention given unanimously.

My research interests were  concerned with the study of the optimal performance of renewable energy systems. In particular, my Ph.D. thesis dealt with the optimal design and management of high-performance wave energy converters (WECs) taking into account the wave-system interaction and considering the random nature of the waves. In addition, other aspects related with the functionality of these systems, such as the effect of the localized head loss, and the bottom-wave interaction, were investigated. To this end, I have developed analytical physics-based models of the system using Python, which were validated against numerical models using Fluent and Fluinco. Furthermore, I have developed a stochastic optimization method for the pneumatic power of an oscillating water column (OWC) system, taking into account the random nature of the wave climate.


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