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Areas of expertise

  • Aeronautical Systems
  • Aircraft Design
  • Airworthiness
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Flight Physics


Lu's interests include high-fidelity aircraft/rotorcraft/UAM/EVTOL modelling and real-time simulation, robust and nonlinear control, aircraft/rotorcraft safety and operation, aircraft/rotorcraft handling qualities, system identification in time and frequency domains, full-motion simulator fidelity (6DOF), aircraft design,human factors, drone guidance, navigation, and stability and control, certification by simulation

Lu is a member of the American Helicopter Association, AIAA (Senior), IEEE, and the Royal Aeronautical Society

  • Expertise in using flight simulation for flight certification (CS25/CS27, E-VTOL)
  • Expertise in high fidelity of Multi-Body Aircraft Modelling (Bo105, Puma, Blackhawk, XV-15 and Bell412); Aircraft Control Design
  • Expertise in System Identification (both time-domain e.g. Stepwise Regression and Maximum Likelihood Method) and frequency-domain, e.g., CIFER)
  • Expertise in Aircraft Real-Time Simulation (Rigid-Body and Aeroelastic)
  • Expertise in operation experience on Commercial 6DOF Full-Motion Simulators
  • Real Flight Test Experience on Bell42 (National Research Council (Canada))
  • Expertise in Aircraft Handling Qualities ; Pilot Modelling and Perception; Human Factor; Aircraft/Rotorcraft Pilot Active and Passive Coupling; Aircraft Safety Investigation;
  • Expertise in FLIGHTLAB; VAPS XT, Vega Prime 5, C, Visual C++, and MATLAB; X-Plane

Research opportunities

Open for PhD Applications

Current activities

  • External (UK ATI): ADEPT project with Vertical Aerospace, total, £20M (£1.9M for Cranfield University), (2023 Dec, 40-months period )
  • External (UK UKRI): Future Leaders Fellows Development Network, (02.2023 –  )
  • External (PI, UK EPSRC): A Novel Approach to Rotorcraft Simulation Fidelity (£365k) (01.2018 – 01. 2024, EP/P030009/1)
  • External (Co-I, PINES Project funded by Rolls-Royce): Development of “IntelligentEngine Technologies” (£0.5M) (01. 2022 – 09. 2023)
  • External (PI, Royal Society): International Exchanges funded (03. 2020 – 04. 2023, £6k), to develop a bio-inspired GNS methodology in the dark environment cooperated with the Medical School of USA Johns Hopkin University
  • External (Co-I, TRL 6-7, EU’s Clean Sky 2): ‘Rotorcraft Certification by Simulation (RoCS, €3M) (05. 2019 – 12. 2023, H2020-CS2-CFP08-2018-01)
  • External (Co-I, EU’s Clean Sky 2): E-PILOT (€797k) (03. 2021 – 03. 2022, H2020-CS2- No 831993)- Develop Machine Learning and Sensor-based solutions for aviation and pilot cognitive monitoring
  • External (Co-I, UK EPSRC): 2021.03- 2022.12, TRANSIT:
  • External (PI): 2017.12 Building a Virtual Reality Simulation Platform with Motion System, Knowledge Exchange & Innovation (KE&I) (£10k, 2018.01 -2018.07)


Rolls-Royce, EASA, NLR, DLR, Leonardo Helicopters (Italy), Vertical Aerospace, Lilium


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers


  • Padfield GD, van't Hoff S, Lu L, Podzus P, White M & Quaranta G (2023) Preliminary guidelines for the rotorcraft certification by simulation process: update no. 1, March 2023. Milan: Rotorcraft Certification by Simulation (RoCS).