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Areas of expertise

  • Aeronautical Systems
  • Aircraft Design
  • Airworthiness
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Flight Physics


Lu's interests include high-fidelity aircraft/rotorcraft/UAM/E-VTOL modelling and real-time simulation, inverse simulation, robust and nonlinear control, aircraft/rotorcraft safety and operation, flight/rotorcraft handling qualities, system identification in time and frequency domains, full-motion simulator fidelity (6DOF), aircraft design Human factors, drone guidance, navigation, and stability and control

Lu is a member of the American Helicopter Association, AIAA (Senior), IEEE, and the Royal Aeronautical Society

  • Expertise in using flight simulation for flight certification (CS25/CS27, E-VTOL)
  • Expertise in high fidelity of Multi-Body Aircraft Modelling (Bo105, Puma, Blackhawk, XV-15 and Bell412); Aircraft Control Design
  • Expertise in System Identification (both time-domain e.g. Stepwise Regression and Maximum Likelihood Method) and frequency-domain, e.g., CIFER)
  • Expertise in Aircraft Real-Time Simulation (Rigid-Body and Aeroelastic)
  • Expertise in operation experience on Commercial 6DOF Full-Motion Simulators
  • Real Flight Test Experience on Bell42 (National Research Council (Canada))
  • Expertise in Aircraft Handling Qualities ; Pilot Modelling and Perception; Human Factor; Aircraft/Rotorcraft Pilot Active and Passive Coupling; Aircraft Safety Investigation;
  • Expertise in FLIGHTLAB; VAPS XT, Vega Prime 5, C, Visual C++, and MATLAB; X-Plane

Research opportunities

  • One PDRA research opportunity is available. See 
  • Welcome PhD Applications

Current activities

  • External (Co-I, PINES Project funded by Rolls-Royce): Development of “IntelligentEngine Technologies” (£0.5M) (01. 2022 – 09. 2023)- The PINES programme is intended to explore how novel technologies at engine level can be integrated to the benefit of the whole aircraft and beyond. 
  • External (Co-I, EU’s Clean Sky 2): E-PILOT (€797k) ( H2020-CS2- No 831993)- Develop Machine Learning and Sensor-based solutions for aviation and pilot cognitive monitoring -
  • External (Co-I, UK EPSRC), TRANSIT: Towards a Robust Airport Decision Support System for Intelligent Taxiing. Responsible for supervising one PDRA and coordinating the team to conduct flight simulation test campaign in Cranfield’s Larger Flight Simulator (B747 and B737, 10 airline pilots involved)
  • External (PI, Royal Society): International Exchanges funded (March. 2020 – Jun. 2022, £6k), to develop a bio-inspired GNS methodology in the dark environment cooperated with the Medical School of USA Johns Hopkin University
  • External (Co-I, TRL 6-7, EU’s Clean Sky 2): ‘Rotorcraft Certification by Simulation (RoCS, €3M) (May. 2019 – Apr. 2023, H2020-CS2-CFP08-2018-01) -
  • External (PI, UK EPSRC): A Novel Approach to Rotorcraft Simulation Fidelity (£365k) (2018.01 – 202x.02, EP/P030009/1) -
  • External (PI): 2017.12 Building a Virtual Reality Simulation Platform with Motion System, Knowledge Exchange & Innovation (KE&I) (£10k, 2018.01 -2018.07)






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