Dr Papadimitriou specialises in climate change impact assessments in hydrological and integrated systems.

Dr Papadimitriou joined Cranfield in 2017, after completing her PhD titled "A study of the effects of high-end climate change scenarios on the global hydrological regime" at the Technical University of Crete. She holds an MSc in Hydrology and Water Resources Management (Imperial College London, UK) and an Environment Engineering Diploma (Technical University of Crete, Greece).

She has worked on the EU project HELIX (High-end climate impacts and extremes), analysing the effects of climate change on water resources at the global and regional scale. Within this, she implemented land-surface modelling tools, performed hydrological analysis of mean and extreme flows and studied drought conditions under a changing climate.

Current activities

Dr Papadimitriou  is currently working on climate change impacts and adaptation in integrated socio-environmental systems within the EU project IMPRESSIONS (Impacts and risks from high-end scenarios: Strategies for innovative solutions).

Other research interests include: land surface modelling, hydrological modelling and drought assessments.


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