My area of interest is remote sensing and geospatial data analysis. Prior to joining Cranfield University as a Research Fellow, I worked as a researcher for several years in other countries like Germany and Canada. I was working on glacier remote sensing and studied the high mountain glaciers using satellite images, aerial photographs, LiDAR data, climate reanalysis data and glacier mass balance models. I published several papers in various reputed journals. I did my PhD in hyperspectral remote sensing and proposed an algorithm to reduce the dimensionality of hyperspectral data using fractal mathematics. I am very interested to work on different aspects of applications of remote sensing data and automating the processes to extract information from a huge amount of geospatial data.  

Current activities

In my current position, I am working on enhancing regional capacity to develop methods based on analysis of remote sensing and other socio-economic/historical data that enables the prediction, assessment, and response to the effects of droughts. I will be working together with Dr. Monica Rivas Casado, Prof. Nazmiye Ozkan and Dr. Gill Drew of Cranfield University. I will also be collaborating with other research institutes and with industry partners in the UK and internationally (Ethiopia, Tanzania, Brazil, India, USA, Europe). As an outcome of the project, I am developing a virtual learning environment material relevant to the project objectives to support PhD courses on the nexus approach that enables co-design and pilot testing of robust models on disaster resilience based on partnerships with regional governments and knowledge institutes. I will also be contributing to teaching and supervision of the graduate and post-graduate students.