Areas of expertise

  • Water Science and Engineering


Dr Kristin T. Ravndal is a Research Fellow in Sanitation System Technology at Cranfield University. She has a PhD from the University of Stavanger (Norway) were her work focused on biodegradation of particles and polymers in wastewater systems. During her PhD she were also a guest student at EAWAG (Switzerland) were she worked on water recycling using gravity driven membrane reactors.

Current activities

Kristin is currently working in the human user testing team for the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation funded Nano Membrane Toilet project. She is also working on a project on safe disposal of menstrual waste.

As research fellow in sanitation system technology Kristin's work focused on applying rigorous scientific testing to understand how new sanitation technologies work and to further develop these systems. Her interests include sanitation and wastewater process design, with a focus on the fundamental scientific understanding on particle degradation and behaviour in different sanitation systems. In addition she is working on the testing of novel WASH technologies combining technological testing, process design and the technology-user interface.


Articles In Journals