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Dr Jun Li has a BSc, MSc and PhD in Computer Science, Software Engineering and Neural Networks respectively, obtained from QingDao University and LondonMet University. Before joining Cranfield University, Dr Jun Li taught at University of Wolverhampton and LondonMet University for five years, and also worked as a Research Associate at University of Cambridge and University of Oxford for six years. His teaching and research expertise are in the areas of Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Computer Science and Mathematical Modelling applied to various domains.

Current activities

Dr Jun Li is a lecturer in Mathematics and Computer Science at Centre for Computational Engineering Sciences, Cranfield University. He specializes in Machine Learning, High Performance Computing and Mathematical Modelling with topics such as Neural Network language modelling with noises, transport flow analysis using complex networks, urban agglomeration formation modeling and imbalanced economy recovery modeling. Currently he teaches and supervises MSc and PhD students in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data, and Software Engineering - for example, statistical modeling using Big Data techniques in the finance domain by leveraging the Alpha Vantage Open Stock API.

For pursuing PhD study and supervision in the areas listed above, one may refer to the university's Research Opportunities (found on top of the personal page) web page for procedures.


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