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I have worked within the energy and environment sectors for the past 18 years, first with a small strategy consultancy that advises public sector organisations and business on how to enable innovation and drive new products to market, and now as Business Development Manager at Cranfield University (with the addition of agrifood to my sector focus).

My previous roles encompassed data analysis, research, consultancy and project management across a wide range of projects, from high level mapping of innovation systems, through definition and analysis of specific support programmes, to direct commercialisation support for start-ups and spin-outs. All involved looking at ways to break down barriers to the uptake and replication of emerging technologies, and all involved engagement at the dynamic interface between government, industry and academia.

At Cranfield University I am continuing to work within this cross-over environment, looking at ways to support and enhance our relationships with local, national and international businesses, in order to maximise the impact of research and develop real solutions to our societal challenges. These include addressing Net Zero from the perspective of sustainable food production (soil health, water use, ecosystem services), food waste reduction, circular economy, resource recovery and renewable energy systems, whilst ensuring affordability and access to the benefits for all.

I am particularly interested in novel methods of knowledge exchange that breakdown the barriers of communication between diverse actors and find solutions from outside traditional sectoral boundaries (digital manufacturing and food, for example). 

Current activities

Supporting academic staff in developing relationships with industry partners, investigating new client bases, developing new collaborative models, and supporting bid opportunities with industry players.