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Areas of expertise

  • Instrumentation, Sensors and Measurement Science
  • Structures and Materials


Dr Jonathan Painter runs the microscopy laboratories. He undertakes materials and failure analysis investigations for industry and lectures on microscopy and materials related subjects.

A degree in Applied Physics from Staffordshire University was followed by a post as a research technician before starting a PhD at Cranfield University. After a Postdoc position he became the microscopy manager at Cranfield University.

Current activities

Jonathan's interests and activities cover multiple areas which benefit from the use of electron microscopy; materials failures including high strain rate, firearms discharge residues (or gunshot residues) as well as a thin film photovoltaics. He lectures on the Forensic Programme and various short courses related to materials failures. He has served as Secretary and is currently the Chair of the Materials and Characterisation Group of the Institute of Physics.

Jonathan regularly undertakes consultancy for industry, typical examples include defect identification,decohesive and adhesive coating failures and component failure analyses.


  • MOD
  • NATO
  • A large number of local, national and international industrial clients.


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