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Areas of expertise


BSc (Hons) in Applied Environmental Science and Physical Geography (First), Keele University.

MSc in Land Management: Restoration and Reclamation, Cranfield University.

PhD "Optimising soil disturbance and mulch attenuation for erosion and runoff control in asparagus crops", Cranfield University.

Awarded the 2015 Shepperson Memorial Prize by the Institute of Agricultural Engineers.

5 years experience working for a private water monitoring company.

Current activities

Dr Joanna Niziolomski is involved in all manner of sustainable soil management research. Her work covers a range of scales; farm, local, national and international. Recent projects have included:

  • reviewing soil degradation threats in Wales,

  • assessing the extent of UK soil-relevant non-EU legislation,

  • investigating runoff and erosion with different potato cultivation practices,

  • investigating changes in soil carbon with afforestation,

  • reviewing the environmental impact of jute, coir and synthetic geotextiles in the context of erosion control.

Joanna has recently successfully completed her PhD investigating runoff and erosion control in an asparagus production system. In recognition of the quality of her thesis she was awarded the 2015 Shepperson Memorial Prize by the Institute of Agricultural Engineers.


Dr Niziolomski works with a range of clients and research sponsors, including:

AHDB Horticulture

British Society of Soil Science (BSSS)

Cobrey Farms Ltd

The Corpse Project


Douglas Bomford Trust

Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)

The Environment Agency

The Forestry Commission


Natural Resources Wales


The Welsh Government


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Niziolomski J, Simmons R, Rickson J & Hann M (2014) Optimising soil erosion and runoff control from asparagus: A case study from the UK. In: Environmental Connection Conference 2014, Tennessee, 25 February 2014.