Dr. Jialuo Ding is currently a Principal Research Fellow in Additive Manufacturing, in Cranfield University. She got her PhD degree from Cranfield University in 2013. She is leading the research development of the digital aspects of the wire based Direct Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing process (w-DED AM), including process modelling and simulation,  process monitoring and control, and the applications of large-scale DED AM component building. In addition, she is  the Research Programme Lead of WAAMMat Programme, which is a rolling research programme aiming at providing industrial solutions based on WAAM process, and is responsible for the delivery of research and industrial projects in the WAAMMat Programme.

Research opportunities

  • Process simulation of w-DED AM process, including FEM and CFD based activities
  • Process monitoring and control for w-DED AM process
  • Digital twin of w-DED AM process
  • Industrial applications of w-DED AM process

Current activities

Current projects:
  • NEWAM project (EPSRC): lead the process modelling research area
  • HPWAAM project (Innovate UK): project lead
  • MultiFun (EU): co-investigator
  • WAAMMat industrial projects, 10+ per year
Research interest:
  • Digital twin of wire based Direct Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing (w-DED AM) process
  • Stress & distortion prediction and control for w-DEDAM process
  • Fluid flow modelling and process fundamental understandings
  • Process monitoring, control and automation
  • Novel w-DED AM process and applications


  • Advanced Forming Research Centre
  • Airbus
  • ARA
  • ATI
  • BAE Systems
  • Boeing UK
  • Bombardier Aerospace
  • FMC
  • GE Avio
  • Innovate UK
  • Lockheed Martin UK
  • Safran
  • Thales 
  • WAAM3D
  • Weir Group


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