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Dr James Blundell has a wide range of experience in the fields of clinical neuropsychology and human factors. His PhD work and early post-doctoral appointments at the University of Birmingham focused on establishing objective neuropsychological measures to serve as markers of degeneration in paediatric neurodegenerative diseases. James shifted his applied research focus to human factors in aviation when he joined Coventry University in 2017, where he led research on an Innovate UK project that investigated future flight deck technologies.

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Dr Blundell's primary area of interest is the design, development, and evaluation of multimodal displays – with an emphasis on the optimisation and synergy of head-up display (e.g. augmented reality) and haptic / tactile (e.g. force feedback / vibrotactile cuing) symbology. The application of the research predominantly resides within human-automation teaming (e.g. performance optimisation / system trust) across a range of transport domains.

In addition, he has an interest in operator fatigue and boredom, and how these concepts impinge on autonomous system interaction. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, James expanded his research focus to cover the pandemic’s broad impact on the aviation sector, both in terms of passenger attitudes and well-being in aviation employees.


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