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Areas of expertise

  • Aeronautical Systems
  • Aircraft Design


Dr Madani Obtained an MSc in Flight Dynamics from Cranfield College of Aeronautics and a PhD in Flight Navigation and Guidance Systems from the University of Sheffield.

He joined Cranfield as a Research Assistant in avionics covering navigation systems, trajectory optimisation and CNS/ATM in 2010 and then subsequently became a Teaching Fellow before appointed as a Lecturer.

He has more than four years experience in the aircraft industry working in aircraft flight testing for flight control, hydraulic and landing gear systems. After working in industry, he had also been involved in teaching aircraft systems, satellite-based navigation and inertial systems for a few years and research in radar system, aircraft guidance, navigation and control.

Dr Madani has experience as a Technical Specialist for a Cranfield University task-team working to the EU Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative for a few years before he became the Technical Manager of the programme. He is a member of Royal Aeronautical Society, the Society of Flight Test Engineers, ION and AIAA.

Current activities

Dr Madani's current teaching responsibilities include lecturing Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Aerospace Software Engineering with Ada and Air Traffic Control.

His current research interests include flight navigation and guidance, aircraft modelling and simulation, flight trajectory optimisation and CNS/ATM system. He also supervises design and research projects in the field of avionic systems.

 Dr Madani is also the Course Director for Aircraft Engineering MSc programme.



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