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Areas of expertise

  • Air
  • Natural Capital


  • University of Manchester: Research Associate. [10/2014 - 05/2016]. School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences.
  • University of Malaya: Senior Research Fellow. [07/2013 - 09/2014]. Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences. 
  • University of Malaya: Visiting Associate Professor. [25/07 - 11/08 - 2015]. Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences. 
  • US National Institute of Aerospace: Visiting Scientist. [Periodic (campaign based) between 08/2013 - 08/2014]. NASA DISCOVER-AQ Mission.
  • University of Cambridge: Senior Research Associate (from Research Associate). [10/2006 – 06/2014]. Centre for Atmospheric Science. 

Current activities

  • Research into spatio-temporal scales of air quality and greenhouse gas pollutant distribution from high-resolution heterogeneous sensor network studies. 
  • Observational studies of atmospheric trace species. 
  • Use of UAVs and balloons for in-situ studies.
  •  Low-cost high-density networks of sensors for the investigation of spatial scales of pollutant transport.
  • Analysis of high-density network data and integration with large scale/broad swath products (e.g. satellite/aircraft/modelling).


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