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Dr Iman Dayyani joined Cranfield University (CU) as a lecturer in structures in March 2016. His has extensive expertise in the development of novel structural characteristics for multidisciplinary problems in aerospace engineering. This includes a broad range of work on morphing skins and adaptive structures capable of large scale geometry changes. 

Prior to joining CU, Dr Dayyani was a lecturer in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering at Coventry University in 2015, with a research focus on the designing lightweight composite structures for carbon efficient vehicles. In June 2012, Dr Dayyani was a research assistant at Swansea University (SU) for three years on "Composite Corrugated Structures for Skin of Morphing Aircraft". This project was part of ‘’Optimisation of Multi-scale Structures with applications to Morphing Aircraft’’, funded by European Research Council (ERC). In addition, Dr Dayyani was awarded £40K PhD studentship jointly sponsored by ERC and SU in July 2012. His PhD was awarded after 2.5 years due to his hardworking research formally acknowledged by SU. The challenge and novelty of his PhD was to design morphing skin with extreme anisotropic behaviour, i.e. highly stiff to withstand the external aerodynamic loads while flexible to enable the shape changes. From 2005-2012, Dr Dayyani studied his BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering at Isfahan University of Technology, Iran where he was officially awarded a highly competitive title ‘’Exceptionally Talented Student’’. 

Current activities

Dr Dayyani is currently investigating the £1.75M project on Highly Integrated Power-plant and Aircraft Structures at the Aircraft Integration Research Centre (AIRC) in CU. He investigates the use of alternative configurations, disruptive technologies or alternative interface definitions to optimize wing structures with the objectives of weight reduction and increasing the integration between wing and power-plant systems and structures. This is in light of Powerplant Integration with Platform Systems (PIPS), a £8.9M project funded by Rolls-Royce (R-R) and Innovate UK. Dr Dayyani was one of the Principal Investigators (PI) of a £47K research project funded by R-R on preliminary design of large scale rig hardware for aircraft wing testing in the AIRC, CU. This project was successfully completed and now is in the commissioning phase.

Furthermore, he has been successful to win £100K CU funding to hire a PhD student on ‘’Dynamic Structural Characteristics of Morphing Structures’’ (started from April 2017 for 3 years). He is also second supervisor of two other PhD students working on ‘’ Multi-Scale Optimised Pylon Structures for Efficient Engine Integration’’ and ‘’Effect of Multi-Stitched Locations on High Speed Crushing and Impact of Composite Tubular Structures’’. On teaching, he is leader for delivering two post graduate theoretical modules: Continuum Mechanics and Finite Element Methods (FEM).




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