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Areas of expertise

  • Gun Technologies
  • Structures and Materials
  • Weapons Engineering


Dr Goyder has a degree in mechanical engineering from Southampton University and a degree in mathematics and physics topics from the Open University. He did his PhD in structure borne sound at the Institute of Sound and Vibration which is part of Southampton University.

Dr Goyder spent nearly 20 years at Harwell doing research into nuclear power. This research covered fluid-structure interactions in heat exchangers, pipework and process plant. This enabled Hugh to add fluid mechanics and acoustics to his previous experience in vibration.

Current activities


Dr Goyder's specialist area is energy dissipation in dynamics (damping). Many mechanical systems rely on damping to prevent excessive vibration in resonant conditions. However, there is considerable uncertainty in how damping operates and should be modelled.

The interaction of fluid mechanics and acoustics with vibration and other dynamic structures is problematic and leads to many engineering problems in process plant and military equipment.

Dr Goyder's interests include:

Structural interfaces - what are the properties of joints and how can they be modelled?

Vibration damping - how can damping be used to prevent resonance? How can it be modelled?

Fluid-structure interaction - how does fluid flow cause vibration?

Ballistics - how can projectiles be improved to reduce drag and inflight oscillations?

Guns - how can guns be prevented from jumping as they are fired?

Dynamics theory - how can energy dissipation be included in simulation?

Dynamics testing - how can the properties and dynamic response of structures be measured?

Dr Goyder has always mixed theory and experiment. He has been involved in many large scale testing campaigns.


Dr Goyder's teaching remit includes:




gun dynamics


computational methods.

International collaboration

Dr Goyder is chairman of the NAFEMS Dynamics and Testing Group. The aim is to bring together analysts and experimentalists so that simulations can be validated and developed.

He is also part of an effort organised through ASME (the American Society of Mechanical Engineers) to investigate and model the properties of joints and interfaces. These are difficult to simulate but an important part of most mechanical systems.


Dr Goyder's clients include:




Oil and Gas engineering companies.


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