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Areas of expertise


BA (Cantab) in Physics and Theoretical Physics, MSc (Reading University) in Applied Optics, PhD (Cranfield University) developing optical fibre filter and de-multiplexer components.

Previous experience includes a period as scientific officer in the Optical BioPhysics group at the Food Research Institute, Norwich, investigating the gelation properties of food polymers using optical techniques.

Following a PhD at Cranfield University from 1990-1994, Helen worked on projects including:
  • Optical speckle techniques for vibration and shape measurement.
  • Development of optical Doppler-based systems for flow velocity measurement.
  • Low-coherence imaging techniques for shape measurement.
After a partial career break from 1997-2003, Helen was awarded a 3-year Daphne Jackson Research Fellowship, help in the Engineering Photonics group at Cranfield, to investigate the use of imaging fibre bundles for OCT.

Current activities

Research (on projects funded by the EPSRC, Royal Society and Technology Strategy Board), and PhD teaching, in several areas related to Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), including:
  • Development of passive endoscopic OCT probes with no probe-tip scanning.
  • OCT for flow velocity measurement in milli- and micro-fluidic systems.
  • Low-coherence methods for remote refractive index measurement. 


  • Procter and Gamble
  • Casella Cel (optical air-quality monitoring equipment).


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