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Hannah joined Cranfield University as a lecturer in December 2016. Hannah completed her BSc (Dual Hons) in Chemistry and Forensic Science before going on to her PhD in Analytical Chemistry applied to Forensic Entomology at Keele University. Hannah then spent a few years in industry specialising in Mass Spectrometry. During her PhD, Hannah was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship, allowing her to travel and study with leading forensic entomologists and analytical chemists in the USA.

Current activities

Hannah’s research interests lie heavily within the field of forensic entomology, specialising in cuticular hydrocarbons of forensically important insect species. The extracted hydrocarbons are analysed using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and the data from the chromatogram can then be subjected to statistical analysis in the form of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) or Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). The chemical profiles of the insects allow for identification (as all insects have a “fingerprint”, species-specific hydrocarbon profile) as well as the age, enabling minimum Post Mortem Intervals (PMImin) to be calculated.

Hannah also has interest in investigating the use of portable analytical techniques to aid rapid analysis of drugs and explosives in the field.

Hannah is the joint Director of the Forensic Programme and the joint Course Director for the Forensic Investigation MSc. 

Hannah is a reporting forensic entomologist (one of only two in the UK) which enables her teaching to be research and operationally led. She also attends court as an expert witness. 


Hannah collaborates with the numerous Universities throughout the UK as well as Europe and America and also the Natural History Museum, Alecto Forensics and the Metropolitan Police.


Articles In Journals


  • Moore HE & Drijfhout FP (2015) Surface Hydrocarbons as min-PMI Indicators. Fit for Purpose?. In: Forensic Entomology: International Dimensions and Frontiers. Jeffery Keith Tomberlin, M. Eric Benbow (ed.), Boca Raton, FL: CRC, p. 361-379. Dataset/s: DOI: 10.1201/b18156-34