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Florent Trarieux started his higher education in the Merchant Marine Academy in Nantes (France) but then eventually graduated with a Masters in theoretical Physics. He joined University College London in 1998 where he pursued the MSc in Ocean & Subsea Engineering under the supervision of Prof Minoo Patel for his project on the Cal Dive International Q4000 semi-submersible platform which compared the theoretical response against model testing of the vessel fitted with the patented Motion Suppression Tanks invented by Prof Patel. This was followed by doctoral research with Dr Geoff Lyons in the area of vortex-induced vibrations (VIV) of subsea risers and umbilicals (BP Foinaven) which lead to a PhD in Sept 2004 after having been involved in the STRIDE program which aimed at comparing some of the most widely used VIV models in the offshore oil industry.

He joined Cranfield University in August 2003 as a Post-Doctoral researcher to create the Offshore Engineering & Naval Architecture Group with Prof Minoo Patel (former Head of School of Engineering) to develop research activities related to novel configuration of high speed marine vehicles having aero and hydrodynamic effectors. He was appointed as a Lecturer in January 2007.

He has contributed largely along with his colleagues in expanding Cranfield University's presence in marine renewable energy R&D through industrial projects. He has been the coordinator for Cranfield University of a DTi funded project (2006-2008) to investigate the performance and layout of a wave energy converter based on the Oscillating Water Column Technology for which he developed a "wave to wire" mathematical model and undertook a series of reduced scale testing in the Wave Tank of IFREMER-Brest. He has been involved in the hydrodynamic assessment and structural design of the Tidal Energy Converter "DeltaStream" along with Tidal Energy Ltd since February 2007 in which he coordinated the design stages of the turbine, the hydrodynamic assessment and the structural design of the supporting frame. He obtained a grant from the Carbon Trust in 2009 for the experimental verification of power shedding turbine technology and interaction between tidal stream turbines in close arrays. He was in charge of the model testing program for DeltaStream from the beginning and particularly in the frame of a major project funded by the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) which outcome has been the deployment of a first full scale prototype in 2015 in Ramsey Sound.

Since 2009, alongside managing industrial contracts, Dr Trarieux has managed the design, construction and instrumentation of a wave and towing tank in Cranfield University in the newly created Ocean Systems Test Laboratory specially designed for low cost testing at the early stage of marine renewable projects. The laboratory now offers consultancy to a wide range of clients from small companies to large corporations in experimental marine hydrodynamics.

Before moving to the UK, he has been involved in the construction of high speed sailing yachts in advanced materials. He was a keen sailor for many years in coastal and offshore racing.

Current activities

Florent runs the Ocean Systems Test Laboratory and provides a fully integrated range of services in Experimental Hydrodynamics in the following areas:

Marine Renewable Energy Concepts (wave, tidal and offshore wind)

  • Power Take Off Performance Testing
  • Response of supporting structures in wave and current.
High speed marine vehicles
  • Sailing yachts
  • Aerodynamically Alleviated Marine Vehicles
Design and instrumentation of hydrodynamic test facilities (wave tanks, towing tanks, water circulation channels)

I can advise on all stages of a rigorous model test campaign (from proof of concept to prototype stage) in our in-house wave-towing tank or in suitable test facilities worldwide:
  • Test planning strategy
  • Test facility selection
  • Model design and manufacture
  • Test set-up
  • Instrumentation
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Processing
  • Professional video recording (including underwater).


Small companies to large corporations worldwide.


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