Fiona graduated with a degree in chemistry from the University of Manchester before undertaking her PhD and post-doctoral research in biogeochemistry at the Universities of Bristol and Cardiff. She then joined the Research Laboratory for Archaeology at Oxford University, where she developed her interests in archaeological sciences whilst working as the radiocarbon dating laboratory chemist.

Fiona's research interests are diverse, but primarily focus on the application of analytical techniques to archaeological and forensic sciences, in particular relating to the preservation of organic materials (e.g. bone collagen, wood, charcoal, leather and parchment) in the archaeological record. She also works with museums and conservators on a wide range of topics, including investigating the composition, provenance and/or manufacture of cultural heritage artefacts, identifying unknown conservation treatments, and micro-CT scanning objects.

Fiona is module lead for Analytical Techniques on the Cranfield Forensic Institute's forensic MSc programme and contributes to several other modules, including Fakes & Forgeries, Forensic Ecology and Further Forensic Anthropology: Identification. She is currently acting Course Director for the Forensic Investigation MSc. She is also Cranfield's academic rep on the AHRC South, West & Wales DTP Programme Delivery Board.

Research opportunities

Fiona welcomes enquiries from students wishing to undertake research degrees, including PhD (3 years full-time, 6 years part-time), MPhil (2 years full-time), or Masters by Research (1 year full-time).

Current activities

Fiona's current research projects include:

The chronology and provenance of prehistoric Caribbean carvings (with Joanna Ostapkowicz, University of Oxford);

Radiocarbon dating of historical parchments (with Dr Keagan Brewer, Macquarie University and the radiocarbon laboratories at Bristol and Oxford Universities);

Working with museums and conservators on a wide range of topics, applying analytical science to the investigation of objects of cultural heritage and their conservation;

Working with the conservation team at HMS Victory, in particular investigating the impact of Deathwatch Beetle activity within the ship's historic timbers;

Investigating the diagenesis of archaeological bone.


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