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Federica Persico graduated from the University of Naples Federico II (Italy) in Science and Technologies for Nature and Environment. Following her Bachelor's degree, she graduated with distinction from Portsmouth University with an MRes in Environmental Science looking at pollutants, such as heavy metals, PAHs and nutrients contamination in Chichester Habour.

She joined Cranfield University in 2019 from which she got awarded her PhD focussing on soil tolerability boundaries due to land management on training ranges in the UK by looking at different emerging contaminant groups. She is currently a lecturer in Environmental Science in the Environmental Science Group at the Cranfield Defence Chemistry department.

Current activities

The Environmental Science group is involved in different projects to determine the use of defence-related chemicals and the impact on wider environment, which comprises soil, water, air and the biota. This includes current research on the environmental impact of underwater munitions clearance, understanding the emissions from open-burning of explosives and the impact that Insensitive High munitions have on soil health.

Currently, she is a Lecturer in Environmental Science being a course leader for the IEMA-accredited MOD environmental suite of courses taught at Cranfield University, Shrivenham which she delivers on, together with colleagues from the Environmental Science Group.

This includes:

'Project Oriented Environmental Management System (POEMS)'

'Environmental Awareness in Defence Acquisition (EACD)

'Sustainable Development in Defence Acquisition (SDDA)'

'Hazardous Substances and Restricted Materials Practitioner course'

both online and in-person.

She is also involved in teaching on various MSc and short courses including the Explosives, Ordnance and Engineering MSc (


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