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Areas of expertise

  • Defence Systems Engineering
  • Operational Analysis and Simulation
  • Systems Engineering

Current activities

Dr Camelia is a Senior Research Fellow at Centre for Systems and Technology Management, Cranfield University. She has conducted research in the areas of systems thinking, systems engineering and other systems methodologies to support the design, development, and management of complex systems, including research in:

Sociotechnical approach and systems dynamics for air transport systems in an Airbus, Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group, Innovate UK and the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) funded project led by Airbus Operations Ltd (Ref: 113041, WP 1.2, Task 1.5.4)

System architecture and open architecture for future autonomous ship systems in a Rolls-Royce funded project with Rolls-Royce UTC in Aero System Design Integration and Performance (Ref: Network 9000603149, Activity 1010).

Wargaming development for aircraft manufacturer product and industrial strategy planning with Airbus Operations Ltd in Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) funded project;

Systems engineering approach (stakeholder requirements; context and concept models; model-based systems engineering/MBSE) for development of complex human resource management systems in a project funded by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) via the BAE System''Human Social Science Research Capability (HSSRC) (Ref: HS 1.013);

Horizon scanning of the emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things and digital twins for advanced human resource management systems in MOD via the BAE System''Human Social Science Research Capability (HSSRC) (Ref: HS 1.013) funded project;

Successful government and industry collaboration and innovation practices in another MOD funded project led by the UK Defence Solution Centre (UKDSC) (Ref: DSC20191009).

Her research interests include systems thinking, systems approach, systems engineering (SE), cyber SE, human SE, technology management and SE/project management crossover.

She actively engaged in building multidisciplinary collaboration with research communities in South East Asia (funded by Cranfield GCRF project on 'A system of systems approach to building community disaster resilience: Cutting-edge technologies for situational awareness and decision support) and building a new knowledge exchange hub for enabling knowledge exchange and progressing research in future aviation security technologies (funded by Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) on 'GREET - Global Smart Security Network at DARTeC').

She is experienced as a module leader, MSc thesis student supervisor and MSc Mastership (master's apprenticeship) student mentor.


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