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Areas of expertise

  • Water Science and Engineering


Dr. Mercer first joined Cranfield University as a MSc. student in Water and Wastewater Engineering (2012-2013), driven by her need to find solutions to water pollution in developing countries. Her thesis initiated her journey on the Nano Membrane Toilet project where thermally driven membrane processes were investigated.

Upon graduating, she joined Suez Environment (Bristol) as a graduate engineer focussing on wastewater and sludge solutions for the UK water industry.

Dr. Mercer continued her studies at Cranfield University by embarking on a PhD in Water Science. Her thesis resumed research on the Nano Membrane Toilet by investigating separation processes which would enable clean water recovery, odour management and energy recovery.

Currently she is working as a research fellow at the Cranfield Water Science Institute since April 2019. Her current research investigates the dewaterability and rheology of fresh faeces, in order to engineer dewatering processes for non-sewered sanitation. This project is sponsored by Dukes University and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and collaborates with Melbourne University.

Current activities

Dr. Mercer's current research interests revolve around the translation of advanced technologies to the non-sewered sanitaiton setting. Her current research project focuses on:

  • Understanding the dewaterability and rheology of fresh faeces.


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