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Areas of expertise

  • Agrifood Systems
  • Water Science and Engineering


Dr Dolores Rey is Lecturer in Water Policy and Economics at the Cranfield Water Science Institute, where she leads the Advanced Water Management MSc programme. She has over 10 years research experience on water availability risks and water economics in the agricultural sector. She is the PI of the project “NEXus Thinking for sustainable AGricultural development in Andean countries (NEXT-AG)” working with partners in Chile, Ecuador, Peru and the UK on applying a Water-Energy-Food-Environment nexus approach to inform future irrigated agriculture development policies in Andean countries. Her recent research under the RCUK Droughts and Water Scarcity research programme aimed to understand farmer decision-making processes regarding water management during drought events and the financial impacts of droughts on UK agriculture. As part of her PhD research at the Technical University of Madrid, Dolores was involved in pan European research addressing the use of water markets to cope with water shortages, drought and flood policies related to the agricultural sector in different countries, and assessing climate change impacts on agriculture.

Current activities

Dr Rey's research mainly focuses on water availability risks for farmers in different countries - their impacts, coping strategies and long-term planning, and the financial implications. She is or has been involved in several research and consultancy projects. Some recent examples are:

  • NEXus Thinking for sustainable AGricultural development in Andean countries (NEXT-AG, NE/R015759/1). NERC (UK) and CONICYT (Chile), 2018-2021. PIs: Dolores Rey and Oscar Melo (UPCC, Chile)
  • Strengthening Thailand’s Agricultural Drought Resilience (STAR NE/S003223/1). NERC (UK) and TSRI (Thailand), 2018-2021. PI: Simon Parry (CEH). Role: Co-I
  • Rurality as a vehicle for Urban Sanitation Transformation (RUST,  ES/R006865/1). ESRC (UK), 2018-2020. PI: Paul Hutchings (Cranfield University). Role: Co-I
  • Irrigation Efficiency Training Toolkit. PepsiCo, 2019. PI: Tim Hess (Cranfield University). Role: Co-I
  • Managing the Risks, Impacts and Uncertainties of droughts and water Scarcity (MaRIUS, NE/L010364/1). NERC (UK), 2014-19. PI: Jim Hall (Oxford University). Role: Researcher
  • Analysis of historic drought and water scarcity in the UK: a systems-based study of drivers, impacts and their interactions (Historic Droughts, NE/L01016X/1 ). NERC, 2014-2019. PI: Jamie Hannaford (CEH). Role: Researcher




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