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Areas of expertise


She has more than 7 years of research experience on water availability risks and water economics in the agricultural sector. Before Cranfield, as part of her PhD at the Technical University of Madrid, she was involved in pan European research dealing with water markets to cope with water shortages; drought and flood policies related to the agricultural sector in different countries; and climate change impacts on agriculture.   

Current activities

Dolores Rey is working on two NERC grants under the Drought and Water Scarcity Programme. Her research seeks to understand farmer and agribusiness decision-making processes regarding water management during single to multi-year drought events given uncertain information regarding water resource status and emerging drought conditions. Besides, she is looking at the financial impacts of droughts on the UK agricultural sector.

Her research interests are related to water resources economics and management in agriculture. More specifically:
  • water availability risks
  • droughts and water scarcity impacts, adaptation options and policy approaches
  • water trading


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