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Areas of expertise

  • Energy and the Environment
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Gas Turbines & Propulsion
  • Power Systems & Turbines


  • Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • PhD - Impact of environmental taxation policies on civil aviation - Techno-economic Environmental Risk Assessment – Cranfield University, United Kingdom  (Oct 2009- Oct 2012)
  • MSc – Thermal Power (Gas Turbine technology) – Cranfield University, United Kingdom (Oct 2008 - Sep 2009)

Past experience

Engineer Officer (Marine gas turbine propulsion) - Indian Navy (Jun 2001 - Jun 2008)

Key responsibilities

  • Operation and maintenance of propulsion and power generation gas turbine power plants on ships.
  • Defect analysis, overhauling and testing of marine gas turbines.

Current activities


Leads the development of Techno-economic Environmental Risk Assessment (TERA) frameworks for simulation of integrated conventional and advanced aircraft and power plant system concepts (including Hybrid-electric propulsion and  Hydrogen  fuel system design and integration)

Leads the development of the following research software for the Centre:

Integrated Aircraft and Propulsion System Performance

Environmental policy assessment and economics models to assess civil aircraft profitability and operational effectiveness (Optimised Trajectory/ mission assessments, Cost Index Methods, investment viability assessments)

Contrail prediction and assessments integrated with aircraft performance tools

Technical project management

Serves as principle investigator, co-principle investigator and research point contact on EU and international projects related to aeronautics and propulsion

Provides specialist support within the centre and represent the centre as subject expert on propulsion related topics at technical project meetings within the United Kingdom and  internationally

Supervised to completion 10 PhD researchers and 78 MSc students and currently manages a team of 1 Research Fellow, 6 PhD researchers and  3 MSc students

Supports centre’s capabilities in advanced predictive modelling and simulation for integrated aircraft and power plant concepts, to enable:

o    Design space exploration

o    Performance optimization of aircraft and novel power plant systems

o    Estimation of environmental performance

o   Estimation of operating cost (including component life estimation, power plant maintenance costs and cost index based assessments)

o    Estimation of investment viability of power plants


Technical project management

As Overall Project Coordinator and Principal Investigator

  • Consultancy with Embraer (2019-2020)- Direct maintenance cost modelling
  • Project UTOPEA/ H2020 Clean Sky2 (2020-2023) Performance and life estimation of novel components on UHBR (Topic Manager -Airbus)
  • Project FASTRIP/ H2020 Clean Sky2 (2021-2023)- Performance and policy assessments of future fast rotorcraft and hybrid electric concept (Topic Manager –DLR with Airbus Helicopters and Leonardo Helicopters )

As Co- Investigator

  • Project DEMOS/Clean Sky2 (2016-2019)- Performance and life estimation of novel components on open rotor power plants (Topic Manager -Airbus)
  • Project DEPART2050/ Clean Sky2 (2017-2021)- Performance assessments of future fast rotorcraft and hybrid electric concepts, (Topic Manager –DLR with Airbus Helicopters and Leonardo Helicopters )
  • Project ENABLEH2/ H2020 project (2018-2022)- Research on utilisation of Hydrogen on future aircraft with a focus on fuel and combustion system design and integration (in partnership with Safran and GKN)

As lead researcher

  • Distributed Propulsion Research for civil aircraft concepts (2012-2017)- Research on Turbo-electric distributed propulsion concepts, funded by NASA
  • Civil Intake Flow distortion (2016-2017)- Experimental research on flow distortion assessments (Topic manager- Rolls Royce)


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