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Dr Ariansyah holds a B.Sc and a M.Sc degree both in Mechanical Engineering with a specific study focused on the development of Augmented Reality for machining simulation. He pursued his PhD degree in Virtual Reality and Human Factors for Driver Behavioural studies at Politecnico di Milano and was awarded a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, University and Research from the Italian Government. 

Prior to commencing his PhD, He had worked in Health & Safety Department in data analysis for supporting Reliable-centered Maintenance (RCM) for critical equipment at ConocoPhillips Indonesia. He had also worked as Service Automation Engineer to provide an implementation of power monitoring and SCADA system at Schneider Electric Indonesia. 

After getting his PhD degree in 2018, he spent one year of Postdoctoral research at Politecnico di Milano carrying out research in the implementation of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for manufacturing and maintenance applications. 

Current activities

Dr Ariansyah is currently involved in a EPSRC-funded project. He is investigating the design and development of Digital Twin (DT) for industrial assets to enable system monitoring and strategic decision making. His work is currently focused on DT data architecture and immersive visualisation through Augmented Reality (AR). His past work has addressed adaptive data architecture for DT to realise autonomous co-evoution when its physical counterpart undergoes some changes. In the AR research, he is currently investigating the benefits of Digital Twins integration with Augmented Reality from the angle of Human Factors to optimise system productivity and derisk technology implementation.


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